PR2 Part Ideas Index
- Please make separate threads to suggest new parts, I will add the thread link in here! Also this thread will only contain part ideas with accompanying images.

Check out this thread for making parts/sets/etc. if you haven't already:

I thought all the separate threads for sets are good, but it's a pain having to look for them sometimes so I thought why not have a thread with all the suggestions in one place?

If you know of a thread that should be in here but I've missed either reply here or tell me on discord. If your set has an SVG version but just not in the thread let me know and I'll move it to the SVG section. (I've assumed the sets made by @~JBG~ and @platform guy are all SVG if they're not I'll move them.)

The threads are ordered from oldest to newest (in terms of original posts).


Has SVG version:
Dragon Sets by @platform guy (Post 1), @~JBG~ (Post 28) and @Camer the Dragon (Post 41) (OP: 31 Jul 2019)
Baby Set by @platform guy (3 Sep 2019)
Card Set by @platform guy (3 Sep 2019)
Basic Set #10 by @platform guy (14 Oct 2019)
Fruit Set by @Camer the Dragon (4 Nov 2019)
Krampus Set by @~JBG~ (9 Nov 2019)
Cowboy Set by @platform guy (13 Nov 2019)
Spooky Set by @platform guy (18 Nov 2019)
Fox Set by @JIyHu (16 Jan 2020)
Giant Fox Set by @GI_John (30 Jul 2020)

Assorted Set Pieces by @platform guy (Multiple Dates)
Various Sets and Parts (Full list) by @platform guy (11 May 2020)

-No SVG hat ideas-

Doesn't have SVG version:
Creation Sets by @Shane1334 (Post 1) and @Northadox (Post 4) (OP: 20 Jan 2019)
Jiggmonian Set by @Bluelightning (27 Jan 2019)
Clown Set by @Addy (27 Jan 2019)
PR2 Legends Sets by @Awesometin (7 Mar 2019)
Bubbel Man Set by @Addy (6 Nov 2019)

-No non-SVG part ideas-

Jester Hat by @Zelante (24 Apr 2018)
Jester Hat by @joseph12311 (25 Jul 2019)

Have been added to the game:
Brew Set by @Northadox (23 Jan 2019)
Bat Set by @Koumo (23 Jan 2019)
Ocean Animals Set by @Magyar (8 Feb 2019)
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I love this, will be useful to use whenever someone wants to know if a set/parts have already been suggested.
And, of course, just more organized. Tongue

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Camer, I actually added a .SVG attachment to my Fox Set, it's right below the image itself. Could you fix it? Thanks in advance ^^
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