PR2 v167.1: Gotta Jet
PR2 v167.1: Gotta Jet

This update contains a tweaked game mechanic and some "spring cleaning" fixes.

- Pressing space while crouching with a Jet Pack will now have no effect. No point in wasting all your fuel!

- "How to Obtain" descriptions now reflect the new player requirement for prizes on Campaign. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on this change!
- Losing a cowboy hat while holding an inactive speed burst will now apply your normal stats as expected. Hopefully we've reached the end of the saga of speed burst bugs. Thanks for the report, @Master Raiden!
- The background color selector in LE now displays the correct color when loading an existing level. Thanks for the report, @Master Raiden!
- The LE menu now resets properly when loading a level. Thanks for the report, @Master Raiden!
- The random music option is now set properly when opening the music selection popup in LE. Previously, this would not work on levels that already had the random option selected. Thanks for the report, @Master Raiden!
- The Jet Pack animation no longer breaks under certain circumstances. Previously, continually using a Jet Pack while bumping an item block could have weird effects. The technical new behavior is that Jet Pack fuel is replenished if the player has a Jet Pack and the new item is a Jet Pack, as opposed to creating a whole new item instance. Thanks for the report, @Ashley766 (and for debugging, @Master Raiden)!

(In case you missed it)
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@Master Raiden OP with the reports
๐’ฎ๐“‰๐’ถ๐“Ž ๐’ธ๐‘œ๐‘œ๐“,

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The @Master Raiden update (plus @Ashley766 too)
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Master Raiden - Gotta Jet (ft. Ashley766)
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